Meal Prep Sunday

I started meal prepping about one and a half year ago. It was when I moved back to the Netherlands and my commute to work had changed. In Spain I used to walk ten minutes to work and had an hour lunch break, so I ate lunch at home. Suddenly I only had half an hour to eat and travelled almost an hour. My shortage of time forced my lunch routine to change too.

Of course I had the option to buy my lunch at work, but I decided not to do that. Why? Well it’s quite expensive in an office to buy lunch. It’s about six euro average in my office for something simple. The second reason is you don’t know how many additives are in your food. I figured it was better if (on most days) I would bring my own food.


In the beginning I got back to a typical Dutch lunch. What is that? Well, bread with cheese for example. I also had some healthy snacks for the morning and afternoon but that was it. When I decided I wanted to get “fit” my diet needed an upgrade. I started cooking twice a day. Once for my dinner and then after dinner again for my lunch for the next day. But this wasn’t working either. Why? Too much cooking and too little time to relax.

When I started my meal-prepping journey I looked for inspiration online. I saw on YouTube and Instagram people also meal prepped, but first I didn’t know how to approach it. Like do I eat the same thing the whole week? Or do I make five different meals? Can I make one thing and just switch up the sauces? Luckily I have a smart and practical boyfriend and together we figured it out.

So what do we do? Well since I’m mainly a vegetarian (some days pescetarian) I actually eat a lot of veggies. I also really like them and it fits my “get fit” diet. Anyway we just buy a lot of different types, then chop them and put them in the oven for about 45 minutes. At the same time I prepare some tofu in a pan. Once it’s all done we divide it in five different glass jars. I usually add some hummus to some as a topping, avocado to others or another sauce if I feel like it.

As you can tell I’m still quite lazy with meal prepping. Every Sunday we follow this routine, but it’s often a mix of vegetables with tofu. When we have leftovers I use those and once in a while I look for new recipes or add something extra like wraps.

In the end meal prepping doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. Since you’re the one adding all the ingredients you know exactly how healthy it is. You can also make it as expensive as you want. In case you’re meal prepping together, like I’m doing, it can be fun and used as bonding time as well.

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Ready for take off?

I’d love to say I’m one of those people who’s super prepared for any vacation. But unfortunately I’m not. Or perhaps it’s not unfortunate, because I don’t stress about it either. When I left for Spain, and I’m talking about me moving to Spain, I didn’t even think of buying a dictionary. Ok maybe that would’ve been helpful, but in the end I just bought it upon arrival. So no worries there.


Some of my friends and family are really good at planning trips. To be more specific the planning of packing for a trip. I’m lucky if I think of doing my laundry on time so I can bring my favorite clothes. But my beloved friends and family make whole ‘to do’ lists and a ‘what to pack’ lists. I sometimes do that, but usually when all the packing is almost done and I just want to check if I have the most important items.

And what do I do when I forgot something? Oh well yeah, then I’ll sort it out once I realize I forgot it. The strange thing is that packing my purse for work is way more important to me than packing a suitcase. And I never need all the extra things I put in that purse. Now that I mention it, that is something to think about. Maybe I’m just way more relaxed when I have my time off. Perhaps it’s a good idea to go on more holidays.

So anyway, I feel there are two groups of people when it comes to preparing for a vacation. There are people who prepare on time, make the ‘to do’ lists, get a schedule and have everything up and running a week before leaving. And then there are the ones who do it last minute, who seem to not have a care in the world and might even be considered lazy.  So which one is better? Being ready for take off way before actually taking off or packing your suitcase while heading out?

Now would it be helpful to find a compromise in planning and not planning the things you need? I think that when you start stressing over something that is supposed to be relaxing, you took a wrong turn. On the other hand sometimes it might be more efficient and in the end relaxing if you finish your packing a bit earlier. Because what I didn’t admit in the beginning is that I’m usually still packing until the night before I leave. I then don’t sleep enough and start my holidays a bit tired. Or very tired. Oh well, at least I’ll have a week or so to sleep in and relax.

My kind of time

Well in other words ‘mañana mañana’ means ‘I’ll see whenever I feel like doing that’. Another typical ‘rule’  in Spain is also that it’s ok to arrive late. Of course this is stereotyping, but I must say I live up to the stereotype.

I used to be great at planning my free time. Better said, I loved planning my free time. There was always something to do and I was always on time. Very Dutch of me.. That all changed when I arrived in Spain. You might wonder why? Well, because one needs to adapt itself to a new situation. And no, not everyone in Spain arrives late, but my friends definitely did.


So what happened in the beginning? I arrived on time and at the agreed location. Twenty minutes later I was still standing there, waiting. And how much I liked planning my free time, I hated waiting. Five minutes was acceptable, but ten minutes got annoying, imagine twenty. I had one simple solution, arrive late myself. I must tell you, that was the perfect solution. From then on I arrived between ten and fifteen minutes late and sometimes I still had to wait for my friends.

After being ‘fully’ adapted to the Spanish lifestyle I decided to go back to the Netherlands. This caused a new problem. I arrived late, for everything, well except for work of course. And trust me, Dutch people don’t like waiting and they’re always on time. Hmm.. that sounds familiar. Wasn’t I like that before?

I realized I had to think of a new solution for the new me. I just got so used to saying ‘Yeah, sure I’m on my way’ which actually meant ‘I’m almost done and I’ll leave in about ten minutes’. I knew that I wasn’t going to make my Dutch friends and family happy arriving late all the time. Even though I think they secretly count on it.. But since I don’t want to be mean I have to fool myself. I’ll tell myself I’m meeting whoever about fifteen minutes earlier than I actually will. Unfortunately that doesn’t always work, because I’ll suddenly need ten minutes more to get ready. No clue what for actually.


But what do I prefer? Being on time and possibly waiting or arriving late? For sure, the last one and why? Because being in a hurry to arrive on time stresses me out. It always has and I’m pretty sure it always will. It is a hard nut to crack actually, because if I’m running really late, I’ll still stress out. I don’t want other people to be waiting for me either, that would be selfish. I guess that as long as I stay within my acceptable fifteen minutes late, it’s ok. It’s my own buffer zone. And that little trick I learned from my friends in Spain.

Of course for the really important appointments I’ll be on time. I’m even wearing a watch again and I try to follow my agenda. But just in case, count on me arriving a bit late. I, on the other hand will do my best to be punctual. Perhaps after spending four and half years in the Netherlands again, I’ll be like the old me.. I wouldn’t hold my breath though, what if I need more time?