Another pregnancy milestone! Halfway there!

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog and honestly that’s been weighing on me. Feeling very nauseous and extremely tired took away all the extras I usually do in a day. I did make some changes and it’s been helping me a lot. So what did I change and how is my pregnant life going now?

Last time I wrote I explained that I was struggling with accepting that I should do things differently. I managed to accept that part now.  Even when it doesn’t look like it my body is working very hard day and night. It means I’ll be tired a lot more and that’s ok. So I made some changes to be able to enjoy life and still work and keep up with my responsibilities.

What did I change? Well I work a few hours less, which means I get to rest and sleep a bit more. Much needed rest I might add. Another thing I have to admit is that my morning routine completely changed. A while ago I wrote a story about my relaxing morning routine. A routine that I loved, but since things changed so did my routine. Being that nauseas during the first 4 months kept me from doing yoga. I also stop drinking coffee trying to avoid too much caffeine. So soon I’ll write a pregnant morning routine. An updated version.


And what else changed? I take more time for myself and try to live as healthy as possible for my baby boy. We also had some medical check ups which is all standard in the Netherlands. Here we call the biggest check the ’20-week ultrasound’. All results were good and our little boy is growing perfectly. Having past that milestone and being halfway through my pregnancy we started shopping for baby gear.

For me that’s where the fun started and made it all the more real. We got our changing table and shopped for tiny baby onesies. We even found some clothes that looks like my fiancé’s clothes but then super tiny. It’s all so cute. I can’t wait to hold my baby and see how it all fits and just how he will be.

We have to wait a bit more than 18 weeks and then we get to meet our little boy. I guess your life is not changing when you have children, but as soon as you are expecting a child.

Let’s not forget that we’re also planning our wedding which takes place in 2 months. Even though we have less time to plan that Big Day I’m more focused on my Due Date. I can’t help it, the baby just takes over my mind. However before that day arrives we’ll be celebrating another big milestone. I’ll update you soon about all the wedding plans. Stay tuned!

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Take your pick

You also know the feeling when you despise someone? When you absolutely can’t stand a person for whatever reason and might even dare to hate him or her? You then also know how it the hatred feels and how it sucks all the life out of you. How your energy gets lower the more you talk about it, the more you think about it and the more time you invest in it.

If you know and can imagine the difference in these two emotions, then why not always choose for the first option of love? Wether you love your partner, your child, your friend or mother. Love is love and the positivity of love literally gives you energy. Even when you had a rough night and a lack of sleep, a phone call from someone you love can get you through the day.


The opposite is then also true. When you had a rough night and a lack of sleep and you’re talking about or thinking about something or someone you hate that makes your day even rougher. Your energy level drops even more and nothing can make you smile. So we all have moments we don’t like something, someone or a situation. How can we turn that around so you can get energy instead of losing it?

The first step is to realize you’re stuck in a bad emotion. You’ve been whining, complaining or crying for too long and you need to put a stop to it. When you realize what you’re doing it’s time to change. It’s literally about making a conscious choice how you will use your energy. Imagine you “hate” or dislike someone for something that they’ve done to you. Do you think spending hours of hating them will change the situation? Will it make anything better? Will you feel better? Probably not.

So the choice is yours. What you can do is first to accept that the situation is what it is. You’re hurt for example and that’s it. So how to move forward? The second step is to use your time for things that make you happy. Instead of complaining for an hour, you can write a message with words of gratitude to someone who’s always there for you. Which of the two will make you happier?

And it’s a matter of practice. A few years ago when I felt hurt I was so angry and at moments I hated the world. Nothing seemed right. But all the time I spent feeling angry and sorry for myself really never made me feel better. When I decided that nothing would change for the better until I started thinking positive it finally started to get better. So take your pick.