Baby on the way: how was the first trimester?

So the first trimester is over and I´m almost halfway there. Of course I´m super happy and excited, but the last months have been somewhat challenging too. So what happend and how has it been like?

Well, let´s start with something very happy. We found out that we´re having a boy! It’s quite funny actually, because almost everyone was convinced we would get a girl. We went for the ultrasound and brought both of our moms. After doing the normal check up it was time to take a peek and find out what it would be.

We were asked if we wanted to guess.. well that wasn’t hard to do! It was quite obvious that we´re having a boy. Everyone was surprised, but all so happy. We would’ve been happy either way, but knowing makes it even more real.


So now it’s time for the less fun part. Why have the past months been challenging? I’d like to start with saying that I’m super grateful for being pregnant and having a healthy baby boy. However feeling sick that often, extremely tired, super emotional and having headaches too.. yeah it was a bit hard.

It was especially hard because I didn’t wanted to listen to my body. I thought I had to go on and work and live as I usually do. Turns out sometimes you just have to set your boundaries and priorities. Normally when I’m feeling sick I just go on and battle through it. No complaining and waiting til I’m feeling better. This time around I have another person to think about and I don’t want to and can’t go over my limit.

Now you know the reason why I haven’t been posting my blogs like I used to. The reason I had to slow down at work and slow down in my spare time. I’m almost half way there and my baby is healthy and kicking and swimming all around my tummy. Do I mind feeling sick? Well, like I said, it has been challenging, but I don’t mind it. As long as my baby is healthy I really don’t care how sick I’ll feel.

I guess that the mommy in me is already coming out. I still have a way to go and some months to wait, but I’m so excited to meet my little boy. For now he has to stay exactly where he is and grow as he should. In the meantime I’ll take care of the both of us by listening to what my body needs.

Let’s also not forget about my amazing fiancé who has been there for me every step of the way. So, I’ll do my best to keep posting blogs and keep you posted on my life. See you soon!

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Why compromise?

First of all however you want your relationship to be is up to you. It’s nobody’s business, but I know what makes me happy and that is balance. I consider balance in a relationship as sometimes you both get what you want and sometimes you or your partner will give in. How can making comprises help keeping the balance?

I guess in the long run it will help you sustain a happy and healthy relationship. This actually goes for any type of relationship. Wether it’s with your mother, your neighbor, your friend, colleagues or your partner. If one of the two always gets what he/she wants, well this person will be happy. The other one however will start to resent giving in at some point.


So how will everybody be happy? Not just now, but also in the future? Learn to compromise. In the end you both want to be happy, happy together. So maybe you have to watch a dreadful movie for one night or clean up socks from the floor, again, but probably you get a lot in return as well. And if one of the two is really against something, perhaps you can find an alternative.

For example my boyfriend and I were looking for a new car. He was quite picky and had a whole lot of requirements and I didn’t. My knowledge of cars doesn’t stretch that far, so I had one demand. Let it please not be a grey car. I don’t know why, but it could be any other color but grey.

So we have a new car now and it’s great. It wasn’t too expensive, drives nicely and is …grey. Yes, it seems I lost this fight. However the other requirements were all met and more important than just the color. So I gave in and got to hang a turquoise bracelet around the mirror to add a bit of me.

In the end we’re both happy and… well I might have a bigger say in decorating the house, so there’s the balance again. What is important is to keep the communication going. Learn to understand and to listen to what is important for your partner and for yourself. You might be more on the same page than you expect and otherwise there’s always a middle ground that can be found. You’re a team and not fighting against each other, but with each other against the rest of the world. Just remember that.

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