What Alzheimer´s look like..

A few years ago we started to notice a change in my grandmother. She didn’t seem as sharp as before and was forgetting more than usual. But how do you deal with this?

She went to several doctors, because she had more symptoms than just forgetting this and seeming a bit off. After a while the doctors figured it out. It was the dreadful diagnosis of Alzheimer´s. A disease that is invisible to the eye, but seen in every movement made by the patient.

During this pandemic my grandfather got the call. The call that would change his life in a way he needed, but not necessarily in a better way. There was a spot available in a nursing home for Alzheimer´s patients. My grandmother couldn’t live at home anymore, because most of the time she had no clue where she was or who my grandfather was.

So she moved to a nursing home and because of Covid-19 we can’t visit her in a regular way. We can meet outside and keep a gate in between us. Unfortunately this is the way it has to be for now. Even though it’s heartbreaking not being able to give her a hug.

The only left is being there for my grandfather while he’s adjusting to living on his own for the first time ever. With Bbq’s and dinners we try to cheer him up where we can.

The upside from this whole story is that my grandmother is in good care and most of the time she believes she’s in a hotel. She goes on about the great staff, good food and what a nice hotel it is. So knowing that she’s happier makes me happy too. 

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