Starting Youtube!

I finally did it! My new “secret” project is live! I was thinking and doubting whether to do this for years. My first step into this journey was starting my blogs on

However I wanted to push myself creatively even more. It’s a scary and chaotic time in the world and I feel for everyone suffering and to be honest this affects me mentally as it does emotionally. I was doubting again.. is this the right time? But I figured that if I needed some positive energy perhaps others do too. And for me being creative gives me positive energy. Therefore I finally decided to go live with my project.

So here it is .. I started my YouTube Channel! How scary it is to actually post this, but at the same time also very exciting. Today I’m posting a small introduction video to my channel and tomorrow I’ll be posting the first vlog. It will be a mix of vlogs and sit down videos. The topics can go from ‘Living with a Toddler’ to ‘How to reduce plastic’ and much more. As my blog the videos will also show ‘Just a Little Taste of My Life’. I hope you enjoy the videos and I would love to connect with you! You can find the link the here below or search on YouTube by Ilse Michelle.

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