Life with a Toddler

What’s life like with a toddler? Is it easier or harder than a small baby? My little boy turned 1 year old a few months ago. So we just entered the world of toddler-life. How did our life change?

Well life is definitely interesting. During this quarantine many people state they’re bored..However I’m sure none of them have small children. Being bored is not a luxury I have, but I also wouldn’t trade the chaotic days for anything in the world. 

The days start early and usually end late, since in the evening I can have some time to myself. About these early mornings.. sometimes my toddler sleeps a little longer and other days he decides 6:00 AM is a perfect time to start the day. I do wonder.. How come these early days are always when it’s my turn to get up first and my husband always has the days my toddler sleeps in? Do they have some secret agreement I’m not aware of? 

During the day we follow somewhat of the same routine with eating and naps to give our little munchkin structure to his days. What has been a big struggle lately is changing his diaper. I guess one day he decided he doesn’t like it anymore. He even has a really angry face whenever he doesn’t like something. It kind of looks like he’s huffing and puffing, almost as if he’s an angry bull about to attack. 

So how do we get his diaper changed? There is only one answer: Baby Shark. Yes, the infamous Baby Shark has taken over our household and plays every time we take his diaper off and put a new one on. 

But I really can’t complain, overall my toddler is the same sweet boy he’s always been. He just has an opinion now, something I wasn’t aware of before. When he’s not agreeing he’ll let you know. It could be by throwing a sippy cup on the floor or by imitating an angry bull. However most of the time he’s happy and smiling and loves to play in his sandbox. One way to entertain your toddler is a sandbox. Just get a small bucket and a shovel and my boy is happy for at least an hour. And since we have dogs we also go on long walks to a park for example. 

So do I think life is easier or harder now that my boy is a toddler? I wouldn’t say it’s harder, but the days are a lot busier. Since he’s down to one nap a day and he is ready to explore the world I’m always running around. Except for when he’s in the sandbox, then I only have to prevent him from climbing on the neighbours fence. Sometimes I miss the days when I could hold him like a small baby or when he was sleeping on my chest, but I also love the interaction I have with him now. In his own way we have whole conversations now, you do need a baby translator, but I’ve gotten pretty good in understanding what he wants. 

I guess there is only one more thing to say.. Baby Shark doo doo doo… Oh stop it with that song in my head.. And now I forgot what I wanted to say. Well I guess that’s mom-life.

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