Mommy me-time?

Is this even possible? Having time to yourself as a mom? I think it is, but you have to look for it in every nook and cranny. Somewhere there’s a little time left for some mommy me-time. And how do I do it?

You might have read in my ‘Morning routine’ blog that I like to have a moment to myself in the morning. A moment before I see or speak to anyone else. Usually I do some yoga and meditate. I figured as a mom this meant I would get up even earlier or feed my baby, put him to bed and then have this time. That could work right?

I noticed this was not the best way to have this so much needed time to recharge. Babies don’t follow schedules and when you think you figured their schedule out it changes and then it changes again.. So doing my yoga in the morning, reading a book, doing whatever wasn’t working. I felt rushed and kept looking at the clock knowing he could wake up any moment. Not much relaxing there as you can imagine.

It took some time for my mommy brain to figure it out, but why not do my yoga in the evening? We’re lucky that our boy Logan sleeps through the night since he was quite little, so that’s my window for mommy me-time.

So that’s what I do now. I go to bed about half an hour earlier. I make sure the bedroom is a relax zone. This means it’s organized, clean, I light a scented candle and I get my yoga mat ready. I also found a youtuber (Yoga with Adrienne) with very nice yoga classes, so I have my laptop ready and follow one of her classes.

By the time I go to bed I’m completely relaxed and I had my me-time. I can then recharge with a good night sleep. Since I also wake up very early for work I even have a little bit of time in the morning. I can eat my breakfast silently and start the day relaxed too.

I am very lucky though to get a big hug from my little munchkin before I go to work. Because besides some relaxing I also really need some love from my baby before I face the world.

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