Our Wedding story & anniversary

Yeah it’s our first anniversary as a married couple! I was planning to write about the wedding soon after the wedding, but life happened I blinked my eyes and now it’s 2020. So how was the wedding?

Since it’s been a while I’ll do a quick recap. We planned the wedding in three months, yes only three months and without any stress! I was already pregnant when my now husband proposed and we really wanted to get married before the baby arrived. So we had some planning to do.

We decided on the date the 1st of February. We were already thinking to get married around that time and on a Friday. Well the 1st of February happened to be a Friday and it was already our anniversary of being together which made it feel like the perfect choice.

I was almost 29 weeks pregnant on the day of our wedding and therefore wanted to make it a fun but also easygoing day. We got married in an old farm which is now a restaurant and wedding location. We chose for a small and intimate ceremony and had a slightly bigger group for the party right after.

My grandfather is the drummer in a jazz band and he insisted on performing. It was so special and it all added to the easygoing vibe we were going for. My mom and best friend helped to do my hair and I did my own make up. Both of them were also my maids of honor and I felt honored they wanted to share that moment with me.

One of my favorites moments was the ceremony. I was so nervous to walk “down the aisle” that I almost ran. I couldn’t look anyone in the eyes cause I felt I was about to cry already. I could only look at my husband and kept my eyes locked on him. But let’s just blame the emotions on the pregnancy hormones right?

Of course we also had our first dance even though we almost forgot. We didn’t plan all the details, but things kind of happened spontaneously which made it even more special to me. My husband already had a song picked out and the night before the big day we practiced dancing a bit. It was so chill and loving. And after that there was some Turkish dancing going on. My husband’s family is Turkish and they wanted to show their moves, but my Dutch family also joined in. I had to sit that dance out since it was too much jumping around for my baby boy. It was very fun to watch though. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you should definitely look it up.

At the end of the night I was exhausted and my pregnant belly started to hurt. The next day I couldn’t do anything but lie in bed, but it was so worth it. Now one year later I look back on such a beautiful and special day. It really feels as if I blinked my eyes and we fast forwarded to a year later. It all went so fast even though we had our baby, bought a house and moved all within that one year.

And now let’s see what our second year of marriage will bring us. Stay tuned!

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