Battling a cold with 5 healthy habits

It’s getting cold outside and the risk of catching a cold is higher too. So what to do when you catch a cold? How can you stop being a snotty little monster? I found 5 habits that help me get through it and get back to feeling joyous and happy.

About a year ago I wrote a blog on my self-care routine when feeling sick. I now want to elaborate on this and focus on the infamous “cold”. And yes while writing this I’m holding a tissue too. So here are my 5 habits!

Habit 1: Accept the situation
So the first thing is to accept that you’re not feeling your best and be gentle with yourself. Don’t push yourself too hard, because your body simply needs more rest, more love and more caring.

Habit 2: Listen to your body
Lately I’ve been trying to get up earlier again. Yes I wake up early anyway for my baby boy, but I mean even a bit earlier to have some me-time. However now I need more sleep, so I wake up when my son needs me and then I have me-time during his nap. I switch my routine up simply to give what my body needs, more sleep in my case, and then I take care of the other things I need.

Habit 3: Clean, clean, clean
I don’t mean that you need to turn into a Stepford wife, but kill the germs. So I like to make sure I change the sheets, do a laundry and keep the house tidy. If I feel like the house is a mess I’ll feel like a mess plus I want to make sure no germs get the chance to feel at home in my home.

Habit 4: Nurture your body
When I was younger I saw having a cold as the chance to eat everything I liked. I mean when else can you feel sorry for yourself? But it never made me get better sooner or make me feel good, maybe in the moment, but after I’d feel even less healthy. I must admit I was tempted to get ‘unhealthy’ snacks this time around too. Instead I decided to make a vegetable soup and have a green smoothie, all the things that will actually give me energy.

Habit 5: Get out of your pyjamas
Ok maybe the first day you stay in your pyjamas, but after that throw it in the laundry bin and get dressed. You can still be comfortable and wear sweatpants, yoga pants or something like it. My experience is that if I take a shower, do my hair and get dressed I already feel so much better. It will actually make you want to go outside and have a positive attitude. And positive energy will help you get rid of that cold a lot quicker too.

So that’s what I do when I have a cold and if I may add take care of a baby. The good thing about a cold is that you know it’s temporary. It’s all about getting through it the best and happiest way you can.

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