How I suddenly had two dogs

When I got Igor he was a bit scared at first, which is normal when your life is turned upside down. He was ten months old and was in a “foster” home with another dog and eight cats. Suddenly it was just him and me. Luckily after bonding for one night, he started loving me. Ok he didn’t tell me out loud, but I could see it in his eyes. And actions speak louder than words. He also wanted to cuddle, which I took as a sign.


Igor and I got our own routine and he also made a friend Gordo (my friends dog). We would go for walks on the beach, in the forest and Igor loved to sit on my lap while watching a movie. I must say Igor wasn’t the bravest dog. He looks adorable, but according to some seems a bit like a softy. He did make dog-friends easily. We had a good thing going on..

One day after work I took Igor out for a walk. At that moment it was about 4 pm and I didn’t have lunch yet, so I was getting a bit “hangry”. You know when you’re hungry and it makes you moody. We were strolling in the park behind my house and Igor started playing with a dog. The dog seemed nice, but I noticed there was no collar. Unfortunately stray dogs aren’t uncommon in Spain, so I started looking around for an owner. I must’ve asked everyone there including a homeless man if the dog was theirs.

The stray dog was running around and almost got hit by bicycles and cars. After that he curled up in a corner and was falling a sleep. Well he tried to stay awake, but you know when you don’t want to sleep but your head gets too heavy? That’s what was happening to him. I decided I couldn’t leave him there. I had to check if he was lost or alone or both.

Trying to catch him by myself wasn’t a success and I started crying out of frustration. Yes I really cried, but remember I was already hangry. I called a friend to please help me. He did and we caught the dog. The vet was closed due to the siesta, so we went home with Igor and the dog. He had to have a name, even it was just for a few hours. Since he was kind of blond my friend and I named him Rubio, which means blond in Spanish.


Rubio seemed to feel at home immediately. He was sweet and cuddly and finally got some sleep. After the siesta we went to the vet and it turned out three times really is a charm. I was the third person to take him to the vet and the third person to be told he wasn’t chipped. The two people before me decided to let hem wander on the streets again, but I couldn’t do that. I did try to find his owner for a while or a new owner, since I was scared two dogs was too much in a small apartment. In the end it was clear. Rubio belonged with me and with Igor. He wasn’t going anywhere.

In the beginning Igor wasn’t so charmed by having our new member added to our little family. He looked at me like “what the hell did you do to me”. They got along fine, but as I mentioned before Igor was a softy and Rubio definitely wasn’t. My little stray was a strong and a bit dominant dog. So Igor had to learn to be stronger too. Quite soon they found their way and Igor even defended Rubio when he was attacked one day.


Since I suddenly had two dogs in my small apartment I started thinking about going back to the Netherlands. I knew my hometown would be more dog-friendly. So that’s what happend.. I flew the dogs to the Netherlands and I can’t imagine my life without either one of them. People actually ask me frequently if they’re brothers. What I tell them? Of course they are brothers, but then adopted ones.

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