When you have a bad week…

Now you might think.. what’s a ‘recovery plan’? Is this girl crazy? Let me explain. It’s my own personalized plan to get out of that bad funk I’m in. What about these three ingredients? Well here they are:

  1. Me-time: I need some time to pamper myself, relax, think, analyze, exercise and chill on the couch.
  2. Family: this one was difficult living far away, but now that I have my family close, this one is the best. Just some time to be surrounded by the people who love you no matter what.
  3. Friends: and last but definitely not least I need my friends. My friends are the best to give me perspective and when we’re done with that, they make me laugh. 

FullSizeRender (2)

And what happened last time I had a bad week? On the first day I had a huge discussion with someone I cared about and I saw no way how to solve it. On the second day, after sleeping quite decent and that’s actually exceptional for me, I had a slower start. When getting my bicycle I started putting the lock on.. instead of getting the bike out of the shed.. I know not a huge shocker, but I’m a morning person and it just indicates how my mind was not there.

On the third day the discussion continued and it was clear that there was no happy outcome. It was solved, but not the way I hoped. Luckily ingredient number two came to the rescue, my mom. I came home to some beautiful flowers left on my kitchen table with a note from my mom. That softened the blow just a bit.

Sometimes it might be hard to get out of bed when you’re feeling low and on the fourth day even my dogs were affected. Ok, my doggy Igor was affected and yes he’s always lazy, but on this day I had to convince him to go for a walk. His laziness did help me, cause it definitely made me laugh how he was struggling to get out of bed. Usually during a ‘bad’ week going to work is also the last thing on your mind. However the friendly barista at the office helped me once again with a positive start of my day. The extra cookie I got, added just the bit of sweetness I craved for.


I think the main point to remember when you’re down is that there are good things happening too. Sometimes it’s harder to notice them or you need an extra dose of goodness, but it is there. That’s why I have my ‘recovery plan’ in place. During my bad moments I need some extra tender, love and care. And when I’m feeling on top I can give some extra to someone else in need. That’s how we can all work together and maybe make things just a bit less sour.

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