Just a little piece of me

First of all do you want to know what makes me happy? I am not talking about the big picture of happiness. You know the having a family and great career picture. I am talking about the every day happiness. The little things that keep you going. The getting a coffee at work and always getting extra free cookies, because the barista thinks you’re nice. Or the moment when a car let´s you pass, even though he should go first, but it´s pouring and you need to catch a train. Or when you spot some beautiful flowers on your way to work. I am talking about that kind of happiness.


Well you might have guessed it now, but small things like that is what makes me happy. Apart from receiving genuine friendliness from relative strangers, there is so much more that can bring a smile to my face. Everyone who loves or even likes dogs will recognize this. At least I hope so. Imagine you’re walking down the street and everybody kind of ignores everybody like always, except for the person with a dog. And the person doesn’t get a ´hello´, but the dog does. Whenever I see a dog, I just instantly smile, I can’t even control it. And it gets worse, I greet the dog. I’ll either try to pet him or just say ´hello doggy´ or something like it. I might even hug him if I get the chance. It doesn’t matter if I’m in the middle of a conversation, on the beach or whatever I’m doing, that dog gets a hello, for sure. I’m still waiting for the day a dog will suddenly respond and say something like ´Hi Ilse, great to see you again!´ That would be scary though.

Another thing that I love doing is dancing, but since I don’t always have a chance to go out, I’ll have to find another way. That other way means dancing at home when I’m alone and nobody will judge me. Well, the dogs might, I don’t know if they like my style. They haven’t tried to join me, so that might say it all. So, when I feel like I need to let go of some energy, I’ll first have to find the right songs. And this can go from Beyonce to Shakira to 90’s hits like the Spice Girls, as long as I can dance to it, I’m fine. And then when the music starts playing I turn into a real life dancing queen. I’ll dance while I’ll clean. I’ll dance while I’ll cook. Heck I’ll even dance when I shower. So, when I get my groove on, it’s most likely at home with the curtains closed. Well, whatever makes you happy right?

So from all that dancing and waving to dogs you can get hungry. What leads me to something else that can fill up my soul with all the joy in the world. I am talking about eating. And not just eating anything. I have the weirdest picks in the world, well at least my friends say so. My new favorite meal? A four cheese pizza. No, not just the pizza. That would not make it weird right? I am talking about a four cheese pizza or five cheese even, but topped of with honey. Yes, honey. And taking that first bite, aah.. makes me hungry writing about it. It’s just so yummy. I would say in my tummy, but that would make it corny, so I won’t.

You might think is that all that makes you happy? Of course, there is so much more. The laughter of children, the sunshine on a cloudy day and helping those in need. Ok, that might be a bit exaggerated, but there is more that makes me happy. I’ll leave that for another time though. This blog isn’t called for nothing ´just a little piece of me´, so just a little piece is all I have for now. But, I’ll say.. To be continued! 


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